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Who or what is ALMO? ALMO means Alternative Monthly feminine hygiene and is a brand/shop for all women, who are searching for something more than conventional tampons and disposable sanitary napkins. Menstruation shouldn´t be a taboo topic anymore, because it is as old as femininity and is a completely natural process, which should be accompanied by natural products. The feminine cycle is a feeling. Even if the advertising world tries to make us believe that we shouldn’t feel anything, in reality it is all about a good feeling and security. And exactly because of this feeling I, Stefanie Wagner, have founded ALMO.

NEW: ALMO´s period pants – order them now!

My mission is to give you a good feeling in your pants during the days of your menstrual cycle, the puerperium or by weak bladder. ALMO´s period panties are washable at 95 degrees.

ALMO´s period panties have been developed together with a professional lingerie tailor and are made of certified organic cotton fabric.

ALMO pantyliners
ALMO pantyliner
Cloth pads of organic cotton
Cloth pads of organic cotton
Cloth pads after birth
Cloth pads after birth

Let’s be honest: do you feel comfortable with a crackling plastic pad in your underpants, when its adhesive strip always sticks where it shouldn’t? Or are you happy with the tape of a tampon, which likes to “disappear”?

If your answer is “no”, you are a very good candidate for the alternative monthly feminine hygiene.

The alternative monthly feminine hygiene should be funny and affordable

The colour “clinical white” for this kind of products… Let’s be honest, who choose it? Tampons and sanitary pads sold in Binden aus der drugstores are whiter than snow. Fun is in my opinion different it is… colourful. Or has at least different colours than just white. Moreover, have you ever thought about how expensive disposable products are – and how bad they are for our environment? As women we are always able to do something against environmental pollution and we can choose products of the alternative monthly feminine hygiene. These include also cloth pads made of organic cotton, ALMO’s pantyliners oder cloth pads for after child birth, which are washable and deliver you a comfy feeling in your underpants at the same time. The same applies of course to pantyliners. And everyone who is looking for an alternative to tampons will also find it. Menstrual cups are slowly but surely conquering the market. They are made of medical medical silicone, plastic or natural rubber, they are hygienic, they do not dry out the vagina and are durable for up to 10 years.

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Why is alternative monthly feminine hygiene important?

Today the alternative monthly hygiene is more important than ever. We have a lot of problems in this world. Women are fighting for equality everywhere, the issue of femininity urgently needs more attention from all of us and the fact that we have a big problem with plastics should be now clear to everyone. ALMO as a provider of alternative monthly hygiene products therefore does not just stand for a simple alternative, but for all those issues that are behind it and are related to it. Energy always flows wherever we direct our attention. Each of us can do something to make our world a little better - for us and our children. The female cycle is a miracle of nature and when we pay more respect and attention to it again, we will pay ourselves more respect too. You can find more exciting related topics in our blog.

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